Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jan 25, 2016

story of the week

met a less active family and the dad got shot the same night because he was a security guard for a store.....

Soo this week should be my last week in the crappy house....
Did some American negotiating and they are basically hooking it up..... we are going to have a huge AC unit so that'll be tight.  My comp is still being a pain but I'm trying to learn from it...

So I'll be in a sick (that means good) house next week!
Had a sports PDay with a ton of missionaries....evidently i may get called to work in the mission office in the next few changes.... thats what the AP said....who knows, I'm good friends with one of them.... and my trainer, De La Cruz is most likely going to be the next AP so i may get called as a secretario.

hope yall are doing well

*did not get further details on the shooting...his emails stopped short, which happens sometimes, they loose power. Hopefully we will get clarification next week. Scary world and we continue pray for Broderick and all those he comes in contact with.

**he has not gotten his new camera yet, so no photos 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jan 18, 2016

Hey there!! Had a baptism this week. A boy named Dillon who's parents are members. I baptized him. Almost drown him. A lot of people here dont know how to swim... so the whole plugging your nose thing doesnt go super well sometimes lol. 

Im trying to get us moved out in the next few days. I have to find a new place, bug the old landlord for the security deposit. Then fill out a bunch of papers. It turns out we were paying 4000 lemps for our garbage house and I found a super nice house for that price but my comp screwed around and we cant move there. Now we are left with very few options and are most likely going to move to a identical house that has less problems but is still pretty ghetto.

We are so busy, we honestly we teach so many people here its kinda tough.
we have 24 new investigators this week
20 with baptsimal dates
17 progressing
We teach like 40-50 lessons a week

I made pancakes today with some other missionaries in my district... went to their house and ordered pizza dudes. My companion, he's a hardworker, and a good missionary but he is just annoying.... few living habits.  Yesterday in a lesson I started teaching a lady, started teaching one subject and he literally taught something else when I let him speak and acted like I wasn't even there.  he does a lot of stupid stuff like that, that i really don't understand. I had division though with my ZLs.... was with De La Cruz who was my 1st comp.  It was fun to teach with him again.... he said I teach and communicate really well... that I build a lot of confidence with people quickly.

Gotta go! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jan 11, 2016

yup soaked

Our cook - obispo 

I had to get a police escort on my first day because someone was following us.  Yeah kinda a tough first week here. 

I'm in san juan satelite Honduras. My comp is Elder Marquezado  from Peru. I'm in a branch. Members are the exact opposite of Miramar... they come out and teach with us and actually help us. Small branch though.

My new house is literally the worst thing I have seen in my entire life. Mold everywhere and these nasty stalagtite strings that hang from the wall. Water leaks from the shower and floods our room everyday. My companion literally will eat something and just throw the trash on the floor. I have awful allergies this week.... its honestly so explicitly bad. The light switch in the bathroom is just two wires that stick out of the wall. I cleaned up a fruit cake that has been out on the patio for 3 weeks allegedly. I talked to the mission pres. He said we can move out. 

The hardest thing was to leave my cook. She has been like my second mom out here. Shes the only person I really didnt want to leave.  The easiest thing to leave? the rain

My testimony has grown by helping a ward thats not as structured or stable as they are in the states.  I've learned to have a good relation with the bishop and other important members. They will appreciate you more and want to work with you more!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 4 2016

Happy New Years!! We spent the night with the ZLs and had our own fun playing games and stuff!

We are doing good!  Our numbers were kinda low for a bit but things are picking back up!! Church attendance was low 100s   we got 155 last week which was good! We have 4 people with Baptismal dates... Jan 30.

For PDay we went to the mountains again! It was pretty cool! Then Pres. Klein came by at the end with food and toys for us!  He showed me videos of him taking his rav4 off road lol 

We have changes tomorrow...

*We got a an email that said he was being transferred on Wednesday ..we will find out where he is next PDay! 

December 28 - last email of 2015 

Just a few pics of Christmas time around here!

Sooo, like I said Christmas here is celebrated with tons of fireworks.  We had a nice christmas dinner of chips, root beer, and ice cream with my bishop.  

I gave a light up machine gun to our cooks kid.  The kiddo was running around shooting chickens all day, batteries were dead the next day! Ha! 

I also gave out a bunch of ties, gave some to all the youth, bishop, and mission leader

Investigator news:  the two adults didnt make it to church this week.  The husband was sick.... which means we can't have his baptism this week.  However we started visiting this less active family... a part member family... and we talked with the mom and the sister and they want us to work towards a baptism for one of the other kids.... we talked with him and he told us that he had fun the other week in church when we taught his primary class and that he wants to get baptized.  I also taught a class called principios del evangelio and it went pretty well.... the first time I taught it, it was a bit rough, but my Spanish is getting a lot better!

*we had a great time skyping and catching up at Christmas!!