Thursday, January 26, 2017

555 days of service

Broderick's Mission President changed in July from the Kleins to the Carlisles and his new Pres. keeps a blog. (His old one did too!) Its fun to read and see updates about the mission and of course my favorite ... Photos.. ones he doesn't send. Here's what I have found in their blog over the past 6 months... we are going to call this post..

Where's Brodo.. like where's Waldo without the red stripped hat/shirt.. LOL enjoy. And yes there is one of just the back of his do I know.. I'm his mom.. and I can even recognize the back of his head, and I love it just as much as the front.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 23, 2017 

Okay just a quick warning, this weeks email will have more picstures of food than your typical white girl posts on instagram

Anways whats up everybody. So Like i said the husband of the lady who made us lunch (at a price) so it is now my responsibility to fend for myself in terms of food

And let me tell you, nothing like making your own food to make you feel like you are older than 16 years old!

I have basically spent the week becoming a culinary master of the typical hondi plates and foods. Give me Green banana, eggs, and beans and i will give you exactly that.... a plate of bananas, eggs and beans

nah just kidding

actually got the hand at making typical plates..... there really arnt many other food options btw

Good thing these fried bananas are really healthy because its like the only thing im really good at cooking....

and dont worry mom i went light on the ketchup!

well had that kid baptism on Saturday, no big deal, should have one of an adult next week

had 6 investigators in church which was nice because i started here with nothing, so we are starting to see some success

had a little party today with arroz chino, they are celebrating aƱos,  the mom and dad of the guy that died, yeah but we bought em chinese food.

We went to pizza hut last wee, thats cool i guess 

I'm going to see josh. Elder Jordan going to his side of the mission for a multi mission meeting with people from the quorum of the 70!  (Josh is serving in the San Pedro Sula West mission) 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 16, 2017

The rain came to a stop and the sun is back in full force here.... not as bad anymore though... i feel ive gotten rather used to it now that my body and knees dont sweat like a pig 

Well this week was rather crazy....
It all started on monday as i was finishing up my weekly writing when we got a call from our cook saying that her husband had just passed away in the hospital.... we ran out into the rain and called a taxi as quickly as we could and with luck the taxi was on the way to the hospital to see the same guy, george

We swung by and grabbed some other friends of his that had just heard of the news and made a bee line for the hospital, mimicking one of the transporter movies as we weaved traffic and blew through lights (which dont stress too much, none of my hondi bretheren respect em anyways)all in the pouring rain.... 

We all tried to process what had happened.... hermano george was only about 38..... 
had been with us the night before... although he had a cold from the recent weather changes he was todo bien. Evidently he had started working in the morning when he was hit by some chest pains... he went to the hospital in the afternoon where he had a pre heart attack.... the doctors where able to control it but then was hit by a heart attack which was too much for him...

It was really out of the no where and none of us could believe it.... we discussed how it couldnt be true as we raced up a curvy mountain road leading to the hospital which seemed to be one of the film locations of fast and furuious tokyo drift..... the agile little carolla got us to the top without sliding off and we raced into the hospital which really looked more like something off of the walking dead

Beds everywhere.... lack of orgainzation but no lack of limbless people, bloody, and crying people, and of course your typical stray dog. We quickly ran through the hallways to get to hermano George who was, as stated, muerto

I was a really sad scene..... The guy who had driven me around so many times in his taxi, and who had shared with me the little food that they could from there small brick room where they lived laid motionless on his bed.

As quickly as it all started, it ended..... the funeral van came and picked him up, straight to his coffin and took him to his home. There i had to dress him (with help from others) and prepare him for his funeral service that same night, and his burial which would follow the next day.

Been spending a lot of time with the family of his. Left behind his wife and 2 kids.... 15 
and 11 years old.  Just pretty crazy how quickly things can change.... but the family is staying strong. To help the wife, tomorrow we are going to do a baleada sale to hopefully raise some money for her..... if anyone wants to help you can send a package to me throught the same mailing address and i will deliver it to them (if you want to donate money.. I can transfer money that he can withdrawal there safely. Let me know)

Other than that its been a normal week

freshly made

pero no me gusta tanto las tortillas de maiz..

18 month quest to find bagels is over, soooooo good

Found some New England clam chowder

Friday, January 13, 2017

January 9, 2017

Me, a selfie stick, and the morning water that comes for 30min everyday. (He didn't have anything for a while.. so 30 min is a blessing) 

so things have been kinda crazy here.... ward is super lame, with only around 45 people come...... having a tough time with investigators keeping commitments. I find a ton of people but very few turn out well. Teach about 60 lessons a week  This Saturday though, we will have a baptism.... just a kiddo from a part member family.... got some other people lined up, but having troubles getting them to church.  

Been raining for almost two days now.... been flooding like cray

got some goodies this week

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 2, 2016

Happy new year everybody!

whats up yall? I left my camera but I really didn't have any pics other than videos of all the bombs and stuff going off for New Years.  Its been a pretty crazy week..... got some record high numbers this week! 
60 lessons
33 new investigators..... hopefully some of them turn out to be solid investigators.....
if you can do more why not do it?

Been a good week though.... crazy that 2016 is over... my full year in the mission.... 6 months left