Tuesday, September 22, 2015

one of my investigators had a pretty funny shirt.....
basically in disneyworld with the chocolate bananas

my comp thinks its funny how i buy tons of topos and sweet and juices

learn how to make Topos!!!!
super good, and here they cost like 10 cents!

Lo siento, the topo is the bag of frozen goodness

They are like fruit juices or other things, frozen with a combo of different things and put into a bag.... you bite of a corner and eat it like a otter pop

it rained a little bit the other day.....

didn't get mail this week but its all good in the hood, itll get here

I'm pretty good with the money
we get 2000 limp every two weeks, essentially 100$
we give 600 to a lady in the ward that cooks for us

the house bill is forwarded straight to the church, and usually missionaries pay for electricity and water, but our landlord just puts it on the house tab so we dont actually have to pay for that

we do have to buy clean drinking water 

20 lemp for a 5 gal

heres what the food is like
typically plantanes in different forms, sometimes white rice, beans and some meat

the lady that cooks is like super loud lol.... but like funny ...There were a couple bullets on the table, and I thought they were batteries, she saw me looking at em and says 
its for missionaries that dont eat all my food lol!

this morning was sweet actually 
our landlord owns her own pulp. under us, so we went to go buy food and she gave us some food for free she had made.... they were called fritas, basically deep fried dough with this sour cream stuff, cheese and beans

the cream here is really sweet, and is like mizture in texture of butter and SC

We visited the beach and played soccer!!!

investigators are good, we got a baptism coming up finally!

It's actually kinda weird here how faithful people can be, but just flat out dont come to church 
some investigators have had their baptismal dates pushed back because they just dont come, but the people in La Ceiba are incredibly nice. Its a really great place to start to be honest!

its weird though, i think in spanish a lot of times!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

alright Ill give you a over view of our days

wake up at 630, eat, iron, shower..... all that 
9-10 personal study
10-11 companion study
11-12 is either language study or a lesson
12-1 is lunch
right after lunch we do Language study if it we had a lesson
then we study a book called the first 12 weeks.... basically new elder training

from then on its lessons all over our zone.... we stay pretty busy.... we also do a lot of street contacting along the way
the people here are are deeply religious.... everyone is typically receptive, and so its easy to find someone to teach when one lesson falls through

Dinner kinda comes whenever..... sometimes we get food in lessons
last night we had dinner from 8-9 with a family in the ward... got to eat, play soccer with their 6 year old, so that was fun.... until today i havent had much downtime like that so it was fun to eat, talk, and play with their kids

we also had a ward talent show which was fun... i guess I've felt somewhat out of place here, and seeing the ward get together and function like any other made me feel good.... i got roped into doing some act with the youth literally right before it happened.... don't know what it was or what even happened lol 

but yeah, all is good, we get a lot of investigators, but everyone is kinda relaxed when it comes to time, reminds me of Jamaica.... so a lot of times people aren't home, but we just go knock around and find people

we have a good sized ward, but a lot of people are inactive, thats the only problem 

i just taught a english class on how to pray to the elders and hermanas so it wasnt too bad

we have a microwave, a sink that sometimes works and a small electric countertop stove, and a mini fridge, so not really a kitchen 

regular shower..... nope.... we have a pipe that comes out of the wall.... doesn't always work... this morning i had to carry a 5 gal bucket of water up three floors just to take a cold shower -_-
the shower is the only thing that still bugs me.

Sooooo for todays P-day we all got together and took a bus up into the mountians!

i got a lot of pictures! So on the way we ran into like 4 parades because its their independence day, and they celebrate for like 3 days straight! We got to the mountain, Mt. Pico Bonito, right by it was a dole pineapple farm (if thats what you call it lol). It was a bit of a hike but was pretty scenic!   We found numerous waterfalls, and crossed numerous bridges like simba 1 Kilimanjaro safari style bridges. (Disneyworld reference!) All in all it was really cool. We had to do some serious climbing though in some spots to get to the waterfalls but it was cool to see.  It was a lot cooler, but we were still drenched in sweat!

we have a baptismal service on the 26th i believe! we are busy getting people for that!
I've been taking on the lead to invite people to be baptized, and its always great when we get a yes!

we got bible bashed by someone the other day, and i felt the spirit in an odd way, that no matter what he had to say against us, i still had as strong of a testimony as before.

Love you guys!
have fun in AZ and be grateful for the hot showers!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Well i finally made it to Honduras, I spent some time in El Salvador along the way!

So the first night in the President hooks us up with pizza and got to know us.

We got to get an early nights rest in the mission crib, aka the mansion.... slept on the balcony and had a some super nice mattress so I got a super good night of sleep.

The next day, more newbs show up and we got our zones and comps.

We got unpacked and the next day some Hermanas get here and we take them and their stuff to their apartment and it was just a mess. Like horrible disgusting from the last elders.
Someone in our zone, idk his name, has the bright idea that my comp and i should trade -_-

So..now we have a really crappy apartment.... its still close to the beach, like a street or 2 down.  I wasn't a happy camper because until today this apartment was awful, like horrible.  I don't even have pics, but we are on a 3rd floor so we typically don't have running water so we have to activate what basically is a pool pump to pump water up anytime we want it..... however in our colonia (city) the power goes out randomly for long periods of time so when it does, we have no water and no power. Also our toilet also doesn't flush... gotta dump a bucket of water in it to flush.  Well thats my rant for the week lol  really the only negative thing! 

I live pretty close to the beach which is awesome, however air conditioning is not a big trend here so I'm sweatin like crazy! Being on the 3rd floor isn't too bad tho because its a bit more breezy!

The language..... well yesterday was pretty good..... had a couple of good lessons where i contributed more than usual, however, there is a sort of Spanish dialect here called mesquito so I have to learn that too.... and they all slur their words like drunkards, so its hard to understand but I did extended baptism invites to 4 people yesterday and got 3 yes! 

So today was our 1st pday , spent it cleaning the house, so gross though! Then I was finally able to get my money so we went and got groceries. 

I got 2000 limpiedas which can go a long way here.

There are tons of pulperias which are like mini 7/11s out of someones house
you can buy basic tolietries and snacks and drinks and sometimes meats.

22 limp. is 1 dollar
you can buy a bolsa, bag... yes bag.... of water for 4 limp
a poweraide is 10 various other drinks

All the juices and nectars here are sooo good and refreshing! We pay a lady like 75 limp or something for lunch on everyday except pday, lots of different stuff but its usually pretty good.

So this area is pretty safe actually, one of the better areas actually.... I still want to go to Roatan. My Colonia has random power outages.... its really not that sketchy but in theory it could be. A lot of people ride dirt bikes around here, the power usually goes out at night so it'll be pitch black and people will be just chilling on the streets, and people get bored and start screwing around on their dirt-bikes. It makes it feel like anarchy when everyone is flying by on dirt-bikes and everyone is going to the pulparias to by food (most meals are always cooked, but with no power....)..its pretty crazy!   It happened on Saturday so De La Cruz and i just kicked it on our balcony with some chips and salsa and chilled since you aren't supposed to be out when there is no power! 

Im Having a good time serving the Lord out here though!

Watermelon with Carmel 

 View from our apartment
 View from investigators house

Mission Presidents Home -4 hours away 

My companion Elder De La Cruz from the Dominican Republic. He doesn't speak English and the Hermanas do not either.. They've asked me to teach English classes!