Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello family members,

We are happy to let you know that your missionary has arrived safely in the Honduras San Pedro Sula East mission.  We are very excited about their arrival, and appreciate how well prepared they are! We know they will be wonderful missionaries. Thank you for sharing them with us. We will share occasional photos on Facebook. Your missionaries first Preparation day will be next Monday!

Best wishes,

President and Sister Klein

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 5

So last week my companion and I got haircuts.... it was actually a lot better than I thought.... I got a pretty good cut..... others not so much

its been raining a lot here, we get rained a lot on our volleyball  and kickball games.... but its pretty cool to see lighting strike the mountains nearby 

here are some pictures of our schedules and planner

in class, and celebrating our last pizza night

(Costco pizza!)

today we played volleyball and ultimate frisbee for a while!

then we feasted on a ton of snacks collected between us all 

Ran into Saryn is excited! She said thank you so much for sending her a package!
its nice to know people here, everyone is from Utah so they all have tons of people they know! 

(Picture thanks to Saryn, Hermana Moline!)

This is his last post from the MTC! He and 7 other Elders fly out Monday morning 2:30 am to El Salvador where they have a 7 hour layover then on to Honduras!!! Keep him in your prayers as he travels and starts his service in Honduras!!! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 4

I found a fellow rugby player..... he´s Tongan, and will teach me the Hakka 

The food this week has gotten better, had pancakes and bacon cheeseburgers at one point... other than that still lots of different Mexican foods!

Here's what a typical day is like: 

we wake up, go to breakfast, after that we have study time for an hour after
then we work on language, for like 2 hours, go to lunch..... eat in 10 min, go to the store and get some candy, then come home for a 30 min nap
then after lunch we have an hour of language study

then we have gym time from 2-330

after that we have TALL, which is like an online language learning program then lesson coaching!
We teach a lesson in the morning and at night..... then dinner followed by more language and devotionals sometimes, its pretty packed!

The Spanish is going well, I'm impressed with how easy i am comprehending it, even though i wasn't that great in high school....

every Saturday we teach 2 lessons to real locals
some are non members, some are not active, and some are completely active

on Saturday my companion and i taught the owner of the mtc landscaping company who joined the church like 33 years ago and always goes to everything... we weren't sure what to teach because he had no specific requests, so we just got to know him and he told us about his job. he said he has a bunch of lazy workers and he gets mad a lot so we taught the importance of Christ like attributes!

my companion and I can give just about every lesson without really any extra language aids.... we just take English and Spanish BOM and Bibles

Pdays (preparation day) are nice.... my companion and I do our laundry the night before so that's always done first.... we wake up at 630 still, go eat breakfast, come back, clean the house, and sleep for another hour or so.... basically until everyone else is done with chores, then we go all play volleyball or basketball like all day!!

Here's our house!!  24 missionaries split between 4 rooms

our room is probably the nicest.... we got graded on our rooms and passed everything but suitcases being put away because all the storage closest were closed. 

the room with my other district members failed everything lol

Found a tank of helium in a closet...

Nothing too crazy happened this week.... but soon enough I'll  have pics from Honduras!
Hope all y'all are doing well!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Week 3

So I'm just about halfway done with my time in Mexico!
Im getting sick of the food, not that its awful, i just miss my cafe rio and canes....

My Spanish is getting a lot better, depending on the topic, I can be pretty fluent.... but my English is getting worse somehow..... I'm now just mediocre in two languages lol!

The Spanish is good, originally I was pretty frustrated because my companion has 5 years of Spanish under his belt, but I'm doing well now. 

We taught legit investigators from Mexico the other day  it was awesome, but tough too. My companion and I do pretty well though.  My companion and I have really good chemistry when it comes to lessons. We were teaching one of our practice investigators who changed it up and brought her daughter.... they act as members they actually met on their own Missions....So my companion and I had a lesson topic planned, but I started talking to the mid 20s daughter, and began asking questions about her relationship with God, as well as her family. We began down our lesson path, and I kind of picked things up and modified the lesson towards the importance of family, and testified of its importance in the Gospel. They started tearing up which was kinda odd since they were acting, but my teacher came out after me and told me I did a very good job of listening to the doubts of the daughter, and focusing the lesson on her needs without reading from any of the pamphlets or language was pretty sweet! 

The Doritos here are sick though.... if you can find these anywhere, try em....

The weather is great as usual, and the locals are insane still..... Mexico is very cool though... its not the typical spring break Mexico, but its still so nice.

 Hope everyone is doing well, within the next few weeks I'll finally be out to Honduras. I'm excited for it! I wish it would come faster, but I've got more Spanish to learn!!!! 

Letters are taking 3 weeks to arrive so if you sending mail start sending it to Honduras now!!!
Elder Broderick Keith Dover
Honduras San Pedro Sula East Mission 
12 Calle, Av Circunvalacion, S.O.
Edif. Yude Canahuati, 3 Nivel, Oficina 4
San Pedro Sula, Cortes

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Week 2

A few days ago playing volleyball i rolled my ankle, and slightly tore some tendon thing.... it didn't bother me too much but my companion was worried.... the doc put me on crutches for 3 days, but i was fine by the end of the second and am all good now!
The campus is sweet too! Its an old school!

Its pretty cool here in the MTC.... I'm excited for Honduras though
nothing against the mtc

we have massive walls surrounding us that are guarded   its a good thing, but the area around us looks so cool! there are mountains covered with houses like the slums of rio or something... but its so pretty!

The snacking here gets intense between the donuts mom sends, and all the Mexican sweets we buy,  the cookies and stuff are dirt cheap here..... its insane how much food we can get... better deals than Costco 

Tuesday nights are pizza nights!

I get a little slice of home..... Costco Pizza! Honestly couldn't get any better than that  
makes me remember the days with my Costco Country Club back in Plano!!

Oh and sorry for the bad English ..the Spanish is making me English bad.... now I'm just bad at 2 languages lol!!!

Well my companion and I have taught three different investigators.... all are members, just a way to practice! We were a train wreck at the beginning, however we have learned that we work best when we stop reading from PMG or pamphlets and rather listen to the investigator, and focus on their needs. we used to make these sort of scripts, but now we go in, get to know our investigator, and then go off promptings and teach what we think they will benefit most from

I'm slowly getting improving my Spanish, its rough, but you just have to be confident!