Monday, October 31, 2016

Oct. 24, 2016

Well we had a crazy week..... ups and downs...... 

We had 6 baptismal dates for saturday but they fell through which was kinda lame. 

Hermana glenis and her daughters fell because she went to her old church and told us she was feeling confused.... worst part was that she went with her husband and neighbor who are both members.... so she was all freaking out and we were just going to move on because she has spent sooo much time going to church and we cant be wasting much time but we had one more lesson.... the zone leader and i actually....... with her and some members and it went well and we reset the goals we had and hopefully her and her kids will get baptized within these next three weeks

the other two just weren't ready just yet

here is a picture with my bum zone leaders..... 
Getting real tired of leaders who talk a lot but dont do much

long story that goes back to last change when my comp was wasting my time and they didnt do anything to help me..... suddenly are so suprised at how much work i get done here.... 

 like i said.... pretty crazy week..... we had two birthdays to celebrate

Elder Maldonado (pauls comp)
and lucero (my comp)

Got about a thousand videos of us busting piñatas......
Had a cool dinner and piñata busting with our YM pres..... kenneth ortega.... who is also a profesisonal rapper......

Last monday we dropped some hits and made our own missionary rap..... ill see if i can get it to yall 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Oct 17. 2016

hey whats up guys

things have gotten better.... just had a tough week last week with a lot of different things.... members are still giving us problems but it was more of a mixture of a different things

this week one of the less active members we visited passed away..... Was pretty sad.... was in a coma for a few days and not much could be done. Poor health care here means not a lot of help 

Went to my first funeral service here.... basically the entire neighborhood came out.... we ended up carrying her coffin and placing her in her grave.

Been working a lot this week trying to catch up on lessons since we were sop behind from last week..... and we had a tree planting activity where basically all the members just bossed us around on how to do the activity because no one here actually cares to do their part..... fun

anyways yeah 
long week but things are better

just had a bbq on a river

we went to Tocoa

and we go back tomorrow for our zone meeting

kinda a bummer too this week

sister glenis and her 3 girls were lined up this saturday for baptism but Out of nowhere glenis is changing her mind and her husband, who is a member, and her neighbor, member also, have all gone super apostate and all go with her to other churches...... like blows my mind how crazy some of these people are. But we working with a large group of people though.... we got lots of potential here.... we will see how much longer i stay, changes are next week but i think I'm good to stay here

motor taxi flat tire fail

love and miss y'all too

9 weeks to skype


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 10, 2016

we had baptisms , we had 4 in the river

Then this week was lame, I had to go to the doc because I got pretty sick.... not sure why just out of the blue, but i got hooked up to an iv and spent a day in the docs office. I had to spend all week resting and i was losing it on saturday so we left.... and it started pouring.... and i fell into a puddle. 

We spent most of the week in the house which drove me crazy. didn't really get to get out and work so kinda ended the week off lame. we got a good number of solid people but this week wasn't too great because we didn't get out to visit many

Hermana glenis is set for the 22nd..... trying to get her three daughters baptized too but her husband (who is a member) is agaisnt it for whatever reason.... kinda odd.... but we will go visit him with some members to see whats up.... Id love for the 4 of the to get baptized together

Friday, October 7, 2016

Oct 3, 2017 
hey yall

had three baptisms on Friday.  What sucks is i left my memory card in the house and the pics are on the internal memory of my camera and i left my cord at home so the pics will be till next week.

things have been pretty crazy here.... more so with the members..... we gotta a real crappy ward mission leader who doesnt do anything and our bishop has been kinda screwing us over wanting to interview our investigators before they get baptized and like stepping out of his powers and just has been a bit of a pain in the neck.....

canceled a baptismal service from last week because he said he wouldnt be able to go and that there was no planning.... yadda yadda.... and we meet up with him and the other church leaders the day before the baptism and none of them had done anything different and my comp kinda put everyone in their place because they were acting like the bishop has total control of us and just a big mess.... dont feel like typing it all out because it was outright dumb

So in the end we still had to go out hours before the baptism and find the clothes and the river and do everything that the leaders were supposed to do.... which became a huge adventure...... We were literally in a motor taxi crossing rivers and driving down this river bed and getting stuck..... literally felt like i was back home off roading when i was ankle deep in water pushing a motor taxi through sand....... pretty funny to be honest.......

In the end our ward mission leader picks a fight with us because we planned it all out on our own and didnt go with his plan which was put together even more last minuet then it already was and so none of the church leaders came to the baptism other than one of the bishops secretaries who understands how the church works lol

In the end the service was sick though..... even with just a few people the river service was pretty fun.  Have another baptism today..I'll tell you next week..

Watching conference ....

Sept 26th, 2016

pretty tiring week.... spend almost all this week traveling around..... MAde stops in Olanchito, Progreso, san Pedro, La Ceiba, and back to Sonaguera.....

Which meant i got to eat pizza again......

We got dumped in the middle of nowhere by some random bus driver..... almost got stuck in another city because there were no other buses......but miracously a member drove by and saw us and took us back to sonaguera...... we got lucky. *told him luck had little to do with it

Here with carver and averett from the mtc and nunez at the mission office.

this week should be good, we got 5 people getting ready to get baptized this week!  pretty sick..... hermana maria, her two kids, a guy named chito, and omar