Friday, April 15, 2016

April 11, 2016 (9 months)

For PDay we went and hung out with some members today, the big dude Douglas and his brother. He lives close by, return missionary, and idk hes just like a really solid dude and I get along with him and his family really well so they invite me over for pancakes (also did that today) and we told him we were going to another town and so he said he would take us. Douglas and his brother are both pretty funny.... his brother speaks like perfect english so its fun.  We went to a nearby town called Progresso, took me to the mall and got some shoes... went to burger king.... the usual. I saw some teens from new Zealand traveling through Honduras scuba diving.... gave me a good idea of what to do here when we come back.... 

lol almost ran over an igunana today! Douglas drove us through the airport just to make us homesick lol and we were on this long road leading to the airport so we were booking down it cuz no one was there, then he just slams on the brakes and stops right in front of a iguana that didn't even flinch.

Here's a sucky situation that need our prayers:
One of the families we visit has a 12 year old daughter... and she may have gotten taken by some gang dudes... kinda a crappy situation because out here there isn't much they can do.... most of the criminal groups out here are better organized than the police... not much they can do out of fear for the rest of the family.... kinda violent out here.

We have come across a ton of solid investigators and went from 5 people with baptismal dates to 12. We are working on getting them to church..... We are  coming across a lot of good families and investigators! Jose has got a baptismal date for the 16th and we are planning on doing it so hopefully all goes well.  We had like 8 investigators go to church.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 4

Hey all!  Hope all is well!  Honduras is sweet and big things are coming my way!

Mission is sweet again! No more stupid comp. New one is the exact opposite and we are going to kill it here! My new comp elder Gomez is sick (that's good) ... out going and social... good with people. We stayed up till one last night making plans and thinking about what we are going to do with investigators to get em baptized.
Funny dude from my district got changed
but soo did my comp so im not complaining!

one quick story:
So we have an investigator, named Jose.
Been listening to the missionaries for about 9 months... overcame an alcohol addiction, but hasn't ever been able to read the book of mormon due to an issue with his eye.

This guy always went to church... but our lessons were sooo frusterating.... he believes the church is true, but never could say he believed in everything Joseph Smith did to restore the church.... always spoke a ton of apostacy and really was a tough case...

He had surgey not too long ago and started reading the Book of Mormon .... starting with little versus at a time, now to chapters.....

I probably explained to him the same message of Joseph Smith to him one hundred times... and it never clicked till he started reading the Book of Mormon himself.... we now go to his house everyday to read with him, and he is getting ready for a baptismal date for the 16th....Just to put into view how the scriptures can answer questions better than we can with our own words!

New addition to my house: