Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 9, 2016 

This week was something else! 

Went in to the city to get some paperwork done with all the other white kids that came with me, and we some how ended up in Johnny rockets, speaking english, and eating genuine american food. 

Which then lead to me realizing the manager had an FJ40 

Other pics....

Back in the neighborhood buying baliadas.... honduras is pretty chill.... just pull out 
you kitchen stuff and start whippin up food

I'm District Leader now, over our district of 8 , managing them, keeping numbers of our area giving classes and stuff.

We had a baptism.... Hector .... pretty cool.... had Douglas, the big dude, do the baptism..... just pretty solid overall because we are getting our area going after a long time of nothing here. So yeah things are pretty solid just getting no good.
May 8th Mothers Day 2016

Had a fantastic Mothers Day Skype with all of us. It's always great to see his face and hear his voice!!! Grateful for technology!!! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 2, 2016

5 Lempiras and im gone in a flash....

Pdays just get too crazy here. chill pday! we were moving crap around in the house.  We have a big house and really don't need three rooms, we just camp in the one that has AC.

Been hitting 42 degrees here (that's 107) 

Out here sometimes things just get stolen.  My money from the mission got stolen by the bank lol.....the bank just didnt send me the money.  Honduras is whack, I'll get more on Wednesday.

Well weekly recap:

Been blazing hawt.....

Saturday was literally spent all day in the street.... tons of lessons set up and only two of them were there.... sucked big time.... and we started our fast and so it was kinda a exhausting day.
We get to church on Sunday to find 12 investigators in church.... lo mejor que yo he tenido en mi mision.

What was intersting was the poeple that came... some really tough investigators.... one in paticular who has always givin us so much junk about the church was there....Interesting because his wife is an investigator that cant get baptized because they are not married.... husband has always been a tough one with marriage and the church and so we taught the wife about fasting and told her to fast... hard for her because she is really sick and can barely walk (but still goes to church 30 min away).  We told her a fast could change her husbands heart.... and before we knew it he was there.... and we didn't even make it to their house this last week....super cool....

Preparing this 17 year old named Hector, or tilapia, for baptism on Saturday.  Always went to the church to play soccer.... starting coming to church... we went and taught him and placed a Baptismal date with in two weeks.... solid kid

The area is heating up.... changes are in two weeks.... but I don't think I'll be going....

April 25 

whats up

Got a baptism finally! Jose, after one year he gets baptized. We door to door sometimes... not very often... I don't like knocking a door and giving some recited pickup line.... we get creative.... had 19 new investigators this week. We talk to people in the street, find different ways to approach people. We become a friend before we start talking about the gospel.... then they feel more comfortable and willing to keep commitments and stuff. The mission is good! Lot of solid people are coming out of the works.... yesterday we meet a teen, 18, who has been coming to church... before hand he just came to play soccer..... invited him to get baptized in two week so I'm excited for that!

2 days ago the lights went out for a whole day.  Pretty crazy.... spent the night with a family of investigators, familia matute, and made macheteadas.... really easy to make.... try em. Then we went home and slept in our hammocks in our patio due to the heat inside the house.... woke up at one thirty to auto gun fire..... lol.  Lights go out, gangs come out....

For P Day we went to the beach today.  Douglas  hooked it up with grilling and root-beer. I got mobbed by a bunch of kids today, but had fun. We played beach volleyball.  
IBC rootbeer 

Tormenta: its kinda like the neighborhood dog.

April 18

Been a good while since ive had an IBC root beer

Comp is good and social.... really comfortable with other people and makes the mission fun. Actually works with me. 

Area is good... Jose got baptized... nothing new on the 12 year old girl, she may have run away.