Friday, November 13, 2015

Nov. 9

The weeks are starting to fly by!! 
Hosted an activity the other night for the youth, and challenged them to bring a friend....
we ended up with like 40 something people

we watched A movie called the testaments, had refreshments, and afterwards played soccer

biggggg crowd showed up for that! Big hair!

chilling in the hammock with a snow cone

Clothes hanging up to dry since i had to hand wash them this week -_-

The kid I baptized the other week has a mom who is a member and a dad who isn't.  we are working to get the parents a legit marriage (it's expensive to get married, they have a ceremony but it isn't legal)  so he can get baptized also!

A youth that we have a baptism for tomorrow was kind of a spires for me.  He is in a part member family, and never really seemed all that interested in the lessons or anything whenever we taught.  However not too long ago we had a lesson with just him, and invited him to be baptized, and he said yes. He has been coming to church, and all the activities, and kinda surprised me. You never know who's paying attention. It's cool to see how people can change like that.

I'm off to do some Noche De hogars 
aka FHE with some peeps  see ya guys later

Nov. 2

Nov. 2

This week was a tough one in regards to my stomach. My stomach has been very odd,  its been upset, and then it gets worse with really any honduranian food.... I'm  just genuinely sick of it because its always the same oily greasy stuff.

so i finally found a place with root beer and some other goodies and went a little cray cray



Finished off the last of our food on some chocolate pancakes

Hosted more futbol

Consists of playing with the youth, the youth inviting friends, and then having a lesson
this week we are gonna watch the restoration movie before hand, with baliadas, and then play 

Took the youth to BK also,  hooked them up with some americano 

Some dude teaching us how he fishes. this dock used to be longer but long ago it collapsed 

you can see the foundations out there

and this dude just fishes off of whats left. this dock was sweet.
The buses here are so fun just old ghetto school buses rigged with tons of lights, horns, and speakers

inside is just bumping with music!

that is  the name of the hotel by the beach,  if you want to see where i was geographically, plug it into google maps you can see it

this week I learned the importance of teaching with love and patience!

the two newbies (I'm in a trio) didn't have a lot of patience or love for one of our long time investigators, and ended up just trying to bail out.  We had a youth with us so I told them Id stay and teach.... so I did.  Until that point they didn't even let me talk, our investigator Alejandria  was frustrated, and i was just trying to get us back on track.   It all just kinda flowed out perfectly though.... I'm getting better with my Spanish, but I still have my days.  We had the lesson, and reviewed the Book of Mormon.  She has had tons of lessons, wants to be baptized, but hasn't received a confirmation yet through prayer... This youth and I taught her all about the Book of Mormon again, answered all of her questions, and then some.....
We just had a great lesson, only the youth and with me completely in charge and I didn't struggle at all with my Spanish. I don't recall making any noticeable mistakes.  At the end Alejandria just told me about how grateful she is that I can speak.... she was like the first person I meet, and complemented me on how much I've changed.  That was pretty sweet. It was rather interesting because the other two can teach better than I can, and they know more scriptures, they can do it all better. But without the love and patience it was an awful lesson. I'm no longer in that trio anymore. I'm good. 

my area is sweet, its just so incredibly hot here, there is like no relief from it ..just dripping in sweat everyday 

Learning how to sharpen my machete: disobedient companions..not really, they are for service when we need em, we chopped this dudes grass the other day with machetes. It takes forever but no lawn mowers here.