Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April 3, 2017

This week i went to the big city San Pedro Sula to do my final paperworks to be legal here for my mast 3 months..... did i mention that.... last three month?

While on divisions, my house got raided by the neighbors chickens.... good thing Jackson is from some tiny small town in arizona where they know how to give intruding chickens a good beat down with a broom.

Well this week was good...anyways while out and about in the worlds most dangerous city i took a pit stop at the rare Chilis..... and lets just say in celebration of how much time we have, We ate. A lot. And I'm not talking beans and rice.

Big cheeseburgers

After that we saw the few sights there are too see in the Famous San Pedro Sula...

on tuesday we had a multi zone meeting which was chill.... after that i did divisions with elder Jackson from the other area in my District. i do it cuz im the district leader here i do what i want and to get away from my comp because he was pushing my buttons

I dont have a lunch cook and usually i just eat now whatever i want since it leaves me with extra money so we had a huge fruit salad.

got good news this week

jose bonilla

the older guy that has been a going to church for a while that was going to get baptized but couldnt, now can, his case is rather rare and he has been making a new house so he can get that nasty old hag that keeps him from getting baptized out
however due to this (and that she only lives in the same house cuz their kids in the usa bought them the house and they live separate live) pres. said he can now get baptized...... so we are working with him and his granddaughter 

Then on the weekend we watched General Conference..... (with a couple from fort worth texas.. his wife is from here, waiting on her papers, an avid top golfer haha... wutttt) and made large amounts of unnormal pancakes....

got to see douglas´ mom from San Juan

the big guy that always gave me food!
his mom works for the mission and was going to bring some of her family to meet me but they had to work or study
March 27, 2017

Hey everybody.... another crazy week out here in honduras..... however ill stick to this weeks highlights.....

Saturday was a pretty hectic day..... my ward isnt known for doing many activites..... or really anything...... but saturday everyone decided to do an activity..... 

In EQ we planned on doing carne asada! (basically ghetto BBQ)..... and they would then watch a 100 percent not pirated (because here there are no pirated movies whatsoever) movie.... 

On paper it was a great idea.... a way to get our struggling elders quorumn together for something fun.....

As i ate the so called steak.... i was called to remember the stories of the early pioneers..... and how they were forced to eat raw hides off of their own handcarts..... The quality of the so called steak left me feeling like one of those pioneers.....

At least we had a good attendance and we were able to bring some less active brothers back to the flock to watch a 100 percent NOT rated R movie choosen by my EQ president..... haha

Meanwhile they watched the movie we had a baptismal service.... hoorah

as is well that ends well i guess......

Oh and i learned that my new companion has maaaaajor sleeping issues and might be scared of the boogyman or something because he has to turn on all the lights at 3 am! Every night!

Ive become slightly grumpy but hey...... character building experiences!

Ill be in the stake center all weekend watching the conference in english with neilson..... should spend the night with him too, and we are going to SPS to renew our residency..that basically means I'm about to go home lol

out here playing kickball

trash and rocks as bases...... with Neilson
March 20, 2017
This week on Survivor Honduras (in a jeff probst voice)

Things got intense this week in camp as the new recruit didnt look both ways before crossing the street and the medical team was rushed on the scene 

Luckily Juarez will live to see this weeks tribal council which doesnt look to bright for him given his poor preformance in camp and in immunity challenges.

Tribe Corocol was already low on strength due to a strong case of chicken pox which brought camp moral down to an all time low, still feeding off of mini bananas

But nonetheless dover was able to win the immunity challenge and lives to see one more change while all votes were casted against Juarez sending him on his way to the MTC.

With changes on the way elder dover will have to make some new aliances in order to make it to the final four.......

well being on divisions these days has put me with a elder who just left one of my old areas..... he was telling me about an old couple that got married and baptized.... when i realized it was a couple i contacted over a year ago..... they had tons of problems but the wife had a firm testimony..... she had leg problems and lived on the other side of a mountain and couldnt go to church alone and was really dependent on her unmarried husband..... we had done a fast with her when i was there and her husband from then on out started to go and it was cool to hear that they just got married and baptized.
March 13, 2017
hey whats up yall

quick update
Got a new sombrero 

Got a call this morning from the secretaries saying that my comps papers came out.... something that we expected would take months..... and he leaves next

I get another new comp.....

There are going to be some changes in the mission..... as there are 3 people leaving for the MTC now..... not sure whats going to happen.... an idea is that ill be with my WOULD HAVE BEEN comp that got stuck in Guatemala since he is in a trio.... but who knows..... there are now going to be three missionaries in need of companions (me being one of them) and there is only one trio so idk whats going to happen.....

well i dont have a lot of pics this week but i did buy a sombrero to keep me from getting burnt

this week was long as heck because a few missionaries of my district got chicken pox and ive been running them meds...... and went to their area twice to do a baptismal interview that never showed up..... 

big mess..... all in all im slightly sunburnt and now have a memorized route to the other districts.....

really sucky situation, been running back and forth from their area to mine trying to help, was gunna do splits to help them but the gringo got sick too so they are kinda screwed.  Thursday i went to do a baptismal interview
kid wasnt there.  Friday i went to go pick up the gringo so we could have our interviews with Pres..... his comp stayed at home with a member.  Sunday both were sick but the ym pres. of their ward calls me and tells me to come over asap to do the interview.  I go.... wait for a few hours and nothing......

Training is going well..... sometimes it takes a little patience..... even more so when my comp is in his own world zoned out... lol but oh well.... been there too..... Its just tough because like i said last week he hasn't even gone through the mtc so its kinda starting from scratch really..... but its cool to study all the same principles and lessons i studied with de la cruz back in 2015..... yeah wow.... back in 2015

He does well though.... obviously there are just some small stuff he needs to learn as we work with our investigators....

Things are going well with the investigators...... still been teaching and working with the youth.... been trying to find some adults but its hard.... on the flip side Jose Bonilla, in order to get baptized, is just making another house for his lady spouse parnter thing whatever you wanna call her so hopefully with time it'll be set..... the walls are up..... so maybe in a month or two or who knows really..... but i plan on going over one of these days to lay some blocks and help get it done

we have a few baptismal dates for the 25th
im hoping that we have 2 baptisms

Alex..... a 13 year old kid thats been going to church for a while...... just trying to get permission from him family

And Lidennys..... a 15 year old girl who moved here recently and lives with a family of members..... shes basically set

been saving some decent parts of my money here.... decided to go outa do spend money on my breakfasts and eat better

March 6, 2017

My new kid, my other kid, his kid, and the kid of his kid  

well as always im only on for a bit in the morning to send off some papers and pics to the secretaries.....deff missing snow here but oh well.... it rained this week so it wasnt too hot
The investigators are going well.... we got a lot of potential.... just trying to work out small issues and details with them......We made some commitments this week.... currently have 5 dates set.... with more on the way but as always these dates are goals for our investigators.... they dont always reach em tho...

my new companion is interesting to say the least.....
So I had a last minuet switch up due to my comp getting stuck in guatemala for an extra ten days for some reason and I was given a visa waiter as a companion, who was going to be in a trio as he waited for his visa.... but now he is with me so I wouldn't be alone, while the trio can keep working without him..... He is from san pedro sula.... and he comes from a place called jardines del valle.   To say the least its one of the actually nice places in honduras ($$$) He is 22, the only member in his family annnd yeah.... little odd.... but all good

He is catracho but i think im more catracho than him because he doesnt eat with his hands and is really out of loop on some stuff that goes on in these poorer parts of honduras..... kinda makes me laugh like i said..... i act more honduran then him

but yeah 
he hasnt even gone through the mtc so i basically have to teach him everything..... everything.....

for pday today we are going shopping... then to pizza hut with nielson and various other missionaries to eat and play phase 10

so while going to the new trainers meeting i saw ariel..... not sure if yall remember him.....  my ward mission leader in san juan... who came and saw me in sonaguera.... he was dropping the missionaries from san jaun (elder maldonado who was with me in sonaguera before) at the same meeting and i got to caught up with him

What ive learned most is how to work effeciently and how to use my time wisely...... When i see that someone has lots of potential i visit them more often.... I can find people that are ready a lot faster..... i dont know how to explain it.... ive just become really good at finding people quickly and getting them baptized..... ive just set a rythmn of frequent baptisms for myself and when i dont have that set, i work quickly to make it happen

i always share james 2:17 with my investigators because a lot of times they are lazy and dont do anything