Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 6, 2016

You've been out almost a year... What's different now?  I know Spanish and I'm about 8 shades darker.  I don't know, I guess I've become more self reliant, I've become more self sustained. I don't rely on other people to do things for me, I kinda just do the things myself.

As a DL (district leader) I have to leave on divisions will all the missionaries in my District.... right now I'm helping one of them out with a problem he has between him and his comp... similar to the problems I had in the past.... I feel bad for him.... its his 2nd month and he already has a lot of struggles and stuff that shouldn't happen so quickly, but I'm trying help.

Sums up my area pretty well...

When people dont let us in...(kidding)

This week resulted in a lot of area exploring ...


We had 8 come to church this week....but we are in a bit of a pickle at the moment because all the people that have baptismal dates have marriage problems or are unsure so nothing is set for now.

 Changes are in 2 weeks and I'm worried I'm gunna have changes. 

 May 30, 2016

Had a lot of fun this week.... from playing with monkeys... it seemed vicious that way but didn't bite...just stole my money!! yes.... reached into my frocket and pulled out my bills

to johnny rockets...

 to another baptim! All in all pretty solid

Went on divisions with my Zone leaders again.... Elder De La Cruz (my trainer and first comp) and elder harris..... was pretty fun....

today had very little time 
went to the center with my comp today to go see the doctor for him

but all is good out here we are about to open another zone in the mission!

See yall next week!

May 23, 2016 

Well guys, 10 months in..... Things are going well. *I asked about the bugs there- bugs aren't too bad out here.... lot of mosquitos but I have yet to get really sick so its not too bad.  Things  are good, working more to get better with the language... I really don't eat much anymore, food here makes me sick.... living is good for now.... not too bad.

We've got a baptism for next week. Almost had three.... two of them are kids.... one is a Young girl like 13 years old.  Working on the Part member family stuff here.... kinda blows that we didn't get permission to baptize the two kids.... they live with members, and go to church but the mom said no for them, but yes for the girl.... at least we got one coming.  Also had 12 investigators in church on Sunday.... didn't really think we would have many but we did!

Currently situated just outside of the dead center of San Pedro Sula.... but boy has it been a crazy 10 months.... hope everyone is well back at home!

May 16, 2016

Overall a  pretty solid week

Did my first baptismal interview for the District.... nothing too crazy being DL (district leader) Take and record all the numbers from the group, set goals and stuff..... give talks and classes....

Had 7 investigators come to church!
The same lady that is weak in the legs went with her husband and son.... Familia matute.... cool family, that made us hamburgers.... They are getting along well, both families have issues with marriage..... kinda a bummer..... (Marriage issues means they are not legally married, because of the laws and expense they often encounter this problem, they are married but not legally)

Had another muchaca come.... new investigator.... 

Pretty solid.... our goals are always like over 10 people.... this week was a little low.

A couple people couldnt come due to some gang problems... but we got a lot of really good relations with our investigators and they will go to church if we just ask them to! 

We planted trees this week in the church.... got a little fried,  it was part of a stake activity called family week! we had some cultural events and on Saturday planted trees.

This area has just been a little crazy.... been working more on the insides of the San Juan where its safer..... been actually finding a lot of really solid people here.