Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 27, 2017

hey yall
time is flying.... just finished another change and we are basically done with febrero 

My current comp is on his way home and has finished his mission..... i got 3 changes left which is crazy (1 change is 6 weeks)....

And the best part is, these next twelve weeks will be spent training a new missionary! He arrives tomorrow.

Things shoud go pretty well here on out! Having some good sucess out here

well the week started well, we did divisions with the ZLs and we ended up getting eaten alive by mosquitos in their area even though i sprayed down everyday, but it was fun being with Nielson again,  here are various pics playing cards in my batman suit and breakfast at bk

helped a family set up their wood sale! firewood for cooking!

The last baleadas for for my comp tarqui
road side food

He got on to email for a few min, but had to go because his comp needed to go to the bank and get shoes.. so he came back on and was so irritated. This is what he said.. it made me giggle that something like and iron would get him fired up! ....
I'm now so glad my comp is leaving. I thought we were going to get him shoes..... we only went so he could sell the iron we had to some other missionary..... there are no other irons..... .looks like i gotta do some shopping now. I'm mad, everyday i iron my clothes and my comp sold the dang thing. 
February 20, 2017 

hey whats up yall

Pretty good week..... lets just say it had lots to do with a batman onesie (Addison sent that) and eggo waffles that i found....

anyways we started the week on wednsday with a multizona meeting..... got to see some old comps and friends and the Pres. bought us pizza.

I gave a capacitation to the two zones on how to teach investigators to pray..... Focused on 3 scriptures.... basically explained that the investigators need to understand that there are many reasons we need to pray. for forgiveness or strength. Counsel and help..... stuff like that.  All in all it went well!

Got to see elder gomez ´´my son´´ who goes home this change

At the end of the meeting i finally got some scripture covers......

that same day we had a nother baptism from the same part member family..... his name is mario

Now that ive gotten 3 baptisms from part member families its time to focus more on finding and baptizing my investigators

Today we spent the morning cleaning the literal pounds of dust from the house windows and filters.... this place is soooo dusty....

got some help from the ym and they were properly rewarded 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February 13, 2017

Hey guys whats up

This week was a little slow and really lame to be honest..... numbers where a bit low... didn't have a good turnout to church

Met some good new investigators....

Found a really cool family thats really into the idea of going to church and everything..... so we used this weeks family history activity as a way to get them involved in the church and to meet members....

Sadly the ward completely failed in every possible way of prep for this activity because nothing was ready at all and it was a huge hair pulling mess..... 

It got a worse when the cool family showed up.... and brough 12 more people..... great missionary oppertunity but the ward activity was a mess and i was losing it with the lack of organization and planning and everything....We at least in the end saved the day at the end with the families by setting up old school games like jump rope and some other games that i don't know what they are called....I was really annoyed because the activity was nearly a flop but the mom of the family actually walked away saying it was amazing and that she loved the organization (wut lol) and we set up a visit to meet the 12 other members of her family.... so at least there was a small win....

Today we had our meeting with 2 members of the 70.... went well.... did some self evaluating and am going to make some big changes here on out. It was good..... we had to leave pretty early like at 6 15 am we took a bus with another zone to the center in san pedro outside of the mission..... They gave good talks.... along with their wives..... then did some Q&A which was good.... gave us advice on how to teach... analyzing investigators needs.... importance of studying and stuff like that.   More than anything making sure the investigators understand the message of the restoration before anything else.... making sure they understand well the principles and meaning of the message that way they are not getting baptized just because..... What they want is real converts. Not just whatever baptism. If they don't understand the restoration they wont understand the need or importance of the other lessons

I got to see Josh! josh is good...sadly I didn't get to eat with him but it was good to see him.... almost like efy again or something lol

theres a pic of the dead center of SPS

some other church that just happens to be ours.....2 floors

Sunday, February 12, 2017

February 6, 2017

so heres my update for the week

Sadly i dont carry my camera around much for security problems but things have been going well as of late. 
I think i mentioned a few weeks ago that i was really focusing on the youth here..... and to be honest its been working out well

Before hand i wasnt the biggest fan of activities and all as i usually found them to be a waste of time but we have had a few changes in mission rules and now we have a little more liberty. We now longer report the numbers of lessons we do..... that being said ive been doing my best to use this newly found liberty to my advantage.... 

Like i said, beforehand i found acitivites to be a waste of good proselyting time so i typically avoided them.... now im all for it

We have been hosting regular young men futbol tournaments.... which has played out nicely seeing as we have 5 or so upcoming baptisms that are young men or soon to be young men.... the youth are becoming more and more active as we hold them responsible for not just coming to church to play. On top of that the youth have become actually really good friends with our investigators and have begun to take them to church and activities AND give us references....

On friday we did a cool acitivity for the youth in general..... we made arroz chino

I mean Chinese rice..... Between the bishop, one other youth, and i, we got all the needed ingredients to make the famous plate of chinese rice that is so craved here in honduras..... and it went soooooo well...... felt soooooo happy having all the youth come out and make arroz chino and just hang out... our ward is low on its activity level due to inactiveness but this activity was killer..... 

Really seeing some of our efforts paying off within the youth.....

We had a baptism this week.....  came from a part member family..... my goal when i got here (once i realized that there was nothing of investigators) was to find part member families and work with them as much as i could till i could find a good investigator pool..... and as of late its been working.... will have one more baptism coming up from part member families.... then i should see some of the people weve been contacting get baptized.....

Pretty fufilling to see how the hard work is paying off. Everything is pulling together nicely.

this is what it looks like when you clean a house in honduras:

January 30, 2017

well the idea today was to go to the beach and play volleyball.... but that didnt happen.... pres. made a new rule yesterday that we cant go to the beach for whatever reason.... we ended up planning on playing basketball but everyone flaked out so we went to burger king.... walked around the center a bit and went grocery shopping

just picked up some cornflakes for 2 bucks..... here there is everything.... even honey bunches of oats..... but it costs almost 10 bucks

We sadly did not have our baptism..... kinda lame.... his problem is that he lives in the same house with his ex lady but in different rooms.... they only live in the same house because their son bought them the house but they live seperate lives... we, at first, had permission to baptize him but pres. changed his mind.... 

ill keep you updated on the cook situation later on..... 

this up coming week should be fun though

Like i said really trying to work with the youth in this area..... something i really didn't do as much in Sonaguera...... We seem to be having luck with game nights and soccer activities..... i usually dont like activities because i feel like they waste my time but they have been getting the youth together and getting them to church too..... best part is we now have a handfull of investigators that fall into the YM organization and they are making plenty of friends so we should have some YM baptisms coming up which is really what this ward needs....

For now im still rocking the part member family system..... got another kid that'll get baptized this week.... her older sister is a recent convert, and her gma is a member (cant go now due to health issues)...... and two weeks later in the same family, one of the brothers whos 11 is getting baptized..... he just picked a later date to get baptized