Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 22, 2016 (398 days out 315 to go - but who's counting?)

so yeah - robbed at gunpoint *

we were walking home on tuesday night and it was late..... we were on a main street but there is like a quater mile where there are no lights..... anyways we were walking and i hear a motorcycle pull up behind me and come to a stop..... and yeah i kinda figured what was going to happen next.... but i was really hoping they were members of the church saying hey or something but no.  So they were 2 guys.... and the dude on the back pulls out a pistol and tells me to give him everything i had...... and starts cussing and screaming in english.... so at least he was nice enough to yell at me in my own language.... anyways i was actually really lucky because we were traveling and shopping a lot on Tuesday because we went out of our small city, and all day i had been carrying around 2000 lempiras but in the afternoon i dropped my wallet and everything off at the house and was only carrying 40 lemps...... which is less than 2 dollars.  so when he pointed the gun at me i just handed him the 40 lemps i had.... there was no light so he couldn't see that i literally gave him chump change..... and then he turned to my comp, Who decided to play mr. tough guy and told him he didn't have anything about three times..... so the guy gets off the bike, smacks the plate of food he was eating out of his hand and then kicks him over..... and my comp finally gave up his wallet.... and they told us to get down.... and drove yeah.... got my life threatened over 2 dollars.... and my comp almost screwed us over 5 dollar max.....and i guess i got really lucky because i didn't get searched or anything..... had my camera in my bag but i just gave em my money and they left me alone. It was bound to happened...... just makes me annoyed with this country.

went on divisions - this week was a bummer basically were gunna have three baptisms between this last week and this week and all have fallen because these people don't understand that when i say you cant live in fornication.... it doesnt mean go and move in with someone after i teach it...

We got to see the set up and parts of the carnival and got free breakfast!

I got a waffle maker for 4 bucks but idk if it works well! 

My transportation 

but heres for the good news...Went to the local fair!

Basically like disney but run by a 12 year old...

*once again... I do not like these stories...but it is a gentle reminder that the Lord is watching over these valiant servants. That our constant prayers for safe keeping do not go unanswered. I'm so grateful for his positive attitude in stressful times. (Mom) 
August 15, 2016 (13 months)

el centro

sooo yeah, this week was alright. It was kinda up and down.  We were going to have 2 baptisms next week.... of a lady who is basically an unbaptized member and her son..... she had split with her man and was going to get baptized but they got back together and now she can't.  Well they aren't getting baptized until they get married but who knows when that'll happen. It's hard to get married here. Always a problem. However, there is a guy that was an investigator a while ago and wanted to get baptized but couldn't cuz he works on Sunday's but now he's getting a shift change so he will get baptized soon!

my pancake maker! 

heres the water ...

it just came out like that in some parts due to the rain we have had, it's not always that way.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

August 8, 2016 (58 weeks 13 months) 

yeah so our district just became a stake and our branch is now a ward. We had to get up super early and be at our church at 7 to take a bus to the stake center by 9.  We  had 12 invest. go


had to spend the night in the house of the other missionaries..they at least had ac

we had an investigator help us move all the stuff out of the sister missionaries house to ours

road in a tractor
how to make tajadas

basically a staple of a hondi diet

We are now a district of 4 and my comp and pauls comp aren't too good at working hard...... but its all good.  We get enough done, but my comp just sleeps way too much and doesn't use our time efficiently. We went out and taught with paul and we like tripled the lessons i would normally have and our comps didn't even go and teach so ya

The other week we will have a lady and her son, two of her kids have already been baptized but she couldn't because she lived with this guy and weren't married but she kicked him out so now her and one of her kiddos are gunna get baptized and the week after, this chick named liseth is gunna get baptized.... she is the gf of that short guy we baptized not too long ago.  We also teach her sister who is married to a recent convert with three kids that all go to church.... the wife doesn't want to get baptized just yet but it'll  come..... along with her three kids so!!!  here there are a lot more people that are willing to get baptized..... we have a big area... bigger now because the sisters left but i feel like for what we have we don't have enough investigators. The last area was harder to baptize but we knew everyone.... contacted everyone  a lot smaller area though.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Aug 1, 2016

I just went on a sweet trip and I don't  have time to write and a hurricane is coming to hondiland

bunch of activities happened during the week.  I'll save those for next week and just send the important stuff.

Victor got baptized, dad wants to get the family sealed in December. See thats what happens when you look for needs in the people you teach and not just teach crap just to check a list off.
They never went to church and have been inactive for years but had a solid lesson with them and they've come every month now.

Our zone went out to banana beach for pday out in Trujillo. Finally got some legit tex mex for the first time in who knows how long. (Looks like everything else he eats already-but if he thinks it's different then good for him!)

and here is a pig in a wheelbarrow tied to a motorcycle - still alive

Pday photos 

July 25, 2016 

we have been baptizing every week between our district

two pairs of elders and one of hermanas

We have a baptism on Saturday

My cook - shes awesome, I help her make tajadas.

Here's the final product.  Well they aren't exactly bananas, they are really hard, called ganeos.....idk how to spell it. 

One year down...

yeah i burned it lol..

lol be careful of Jesucristo Hitler......