Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 18, 2016 

Jose got confirmed.... the majority of the baptismal dates wont happen, but I do think victor will..... rufino didn't come to church so it'll be later on.... liseth is down for the 19th

My area is sonaguera colon..... its farther away from olanchito, but its part of the mission zone olanchito..... but its a different area... its a lot cooler here.... i actually got used to the heat of SPS and so here isn't too bad.... lot of people complain about the heat but its not nearly as bad..... im gunna get back and think arizona in the summer is chilly....

but this dang apartment is sooooooooooo hot.... its ridic. like i cannot explain it..... these houses are just made of concrete and cinder blocks so its an oven.....

im gunna try to upload a vid of my house to youtube.

Got new ties-

I'm legit in Honduras now!!!

advice to a new missionary.... it all depends i guess...... learn to work. People say numbers dont matter, but a garbage excuse to not work. Talk to everyone and dont let your mission goals be your limits.... like dont work and then stop once you have your goals.... keep going

Happened last night.... we finished all our lessons and had about all the goals and then some by the end of 7 o clock on sunday..... instead of going home we stayed out.... contacted, had three lessons, and 5 new people

things im glad ive done.......
Always had good relations with the members, because they can make our work soo much easier

Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 11, 2016
so its been a hectic week

had a baptism this week but the guy had a house emergency and couldnt get confirmed on Sunday because  he didnt come to church.... lot of stuff happened 
Inline image 1

As for investigators.....

Didnt really get left a whole lot
my comp forgot a lot of the people they were teaching (him and Neilson)
so im kinda starting from scratch here

The guy that got baptized was like really the only guy that was left for me.... there werent any other people with baptismal dates.... Numbers are kinda low here so this week i tried my best to put down some baptismal dates....here are the people that i challenged this week and there problems

Bryan and Justin. Two friends, youths, that have been going to church for a long time and have been investigators for a while.... for whatever reason they have zero desires to get baptized..... i challenged them to the 30th of this month

Sara, yensi, and some old lady that i think is their grandmother.  They are all family.... aunt counsin and gma i think.  They have all gone to church a few times and have recieved a ton of lessons
There neighbors are a family of part members and converts that go to church.... the problem is they fight a ton... like tons of drama between them and because of that these investigators dont want to get baptized...I challenged em to the 30th too!

Victor: He's a kid.... part of a family of super less actives..... 
But im really thinking i can get em back

they used to give us food like 3 times a week and were initially a little cold.... instead of sharing the normal enduring to the end message i got them to open up and explain to me why they fell out and what there future goals are.... Then another day i talked about what a covenent is and why we need to honor them and gave em a good spiritual hammer and they came to church on sunday

The kid has the same goal the 30th of this month

Then there is the GF of the guy that just got baptized..... she has a goal for the 19th of aug. The plan is that she gets baptized too and then they both can get married.

We have a guy named rufino
He has a goal for the 30th too.... came to church on sunday... and has come to actvitites.... just needs to come to church more

one more guy named catalino
We couldnt initialy baptize him because he killed someone while working security and that requires a interview with the pres..... but pres. carlise said if it was work related he is good to go...

however his just just screwed him over and will no longer give him sundays off......

sooo yeah
put like 8 baptismal goals this week..... this district is a little low on numbers all around.... my comp is DL so i still see district dats..... trying to bump things up here

Friday, July 15, 2016

July 4, 2016

Hey guys! 

Everything went well this week!
Had an awesome Birthday..... the best bday ive ever had in Honduras haha !!  The other elders and hermanas bought me a cake..... and then smashed my face into it!

Loving the new area!!!

Picked up some ties! 

yeah the new pres is sick (that means he really likes him- he's healthy!) 
his wife has a personality like yours.... kinda trips me out! *i asked what did that mean... She nags you? He replied - hahaha  i dont really know.... but its a good thing!
She likes me! I spent a good while talking to her yesterday because she cant speak spanish with anyone. 

new comp is good... we may have 2 baptisms next week.... one is struggling with cigs but said he dropped em completely now...the other is an long time inv. with other circumstances but got ok to be baptized. 
Outside baptism

Lots of pics from my old area 
Branch president raul garcia
and the lady that cleaned my clothes, hna Sandra

here is the Internet cafe 

soo many motor taxis here

priesthood meeting

buying shampoo

June 27, 2016

This is just members from the branch in san juan on my last day!

It's  pretty crazy how fast it has all gone by.... thats the weirdest part.... felt like i was in AZ celebrating my bday just the other week!!

Well its my bday!

Seems Pretty crazy that im turning 19..... feels like it was just the other day i was at home celebrating my 18th birthday... pretty crazy how time flies.... Getting close to the one year mark of my mission and it has been a journey...

Just recently i left the City of San Pedro Sula (worlds safest city) and spent a few days traveling to get to my new area Sonaguera in Colon..... Things are going great so far....

next week ill send some requested pics of all the great people i got to meet in my last area, Lomas Del Carmen.... the internet is really slow right now! 

It only goes to the mission office then it's hand delivered to his area/location

June 20, 2016

I have changes - frick, I'm going to olanchito to replace neilson

bye bye ac
and all the cool people here....just a bummer to leave. I've got to pack all my stuff and visit a ton of people today. Ill head out Wednesday , i hope so..... shouldn't be too bad.... talking to Nielson about it and all..... it'll be a bit tough to be honest. I don't really want to leave.

ariel took us out to get pizza! 

It's second time in one year a member has taken me out to eat lol

I will have a ton of pics next week and new stories!

thanks for the bday goods

wish me luck guys

June 13, 2016

Got pooped on this week...just went to go pick up a ton of people and none of them were ready and none went. 

I had found some solid people that said they would go.  They are mostly some new families, one of them had an inactive member that was almost a missionary. We are going to work with Douglas, the big dude, who has a bus to go and pick up investigators next week.

Well I'm almost broke because we bought a bunch of food, and I make good food, but everyone invites us to eat when they hear we don't have a cook so a lot of money went down the drain. Oh well, lesson learned, wont but as much food this 15 day period!

We had Zone meetings 

Its been super dry for months but this week it poured!