Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 26, 2016

Well yall basically know what all is going on...after our skype.. not too much new.

Went to burger king this morning for breakfast and got some french toast sticks and a crossiant bacon sandwhich thing (if thats how you spell it).... went with my comp and two other missionaries from my district and boy did that food hit the spot

After that we went down the street to the mega plaza and got a little baggy (baggy means homesick) walking around all the different shops and looking at stuff...... and then we hit mega paca..... i already explained how it works.... tons of random stuff... random discounts....found a good sized  (female though) snowboard... for 15 dollars.... thats around 150 lemps...

Plano TX? 

This Mega paca has everything... 

Breaking bad throwback...

Christmas out here is sort of like 4th of july in the states.... tons of fireworks and fire crackers..... pretty weird......but all is well here.... finished my second, and last navidad here in Honduras.....Hope all is well back at home for all of you!
Enjoy the season

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 19, 2016
Hey merry Christmas yall, happy new year too!

Here we have no Christmas plans..... nothing lol, no ward party or dinner..nothing

we just did like a cultural cook off thing, just represented america sooooo greatly. Made some root beer floats for the zone

anyways, yeah cold weather is going to be weird to get back too.... little bummed that when i get back there wont be any snow in park city but maybe it'll give me time to adjust.... I now sleep without AC or Fans and its kinda weird..... getting very used to the heat.... but yeah. The area is alright.... putting ina  lot of work..... nearly 50 lessons a week... more than in Sonaguera.... and 25 new investigators a week....more also. We are definitely taking advantage of some part member family and we are going to have some kids get baptized soon.... at least they are baptisms..... not much has happened here in the last few months. 

2016 is almost done

wut the hek

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 12, 2016

well ive left my beloved pueblo sonaguera..... Feel good leaving.....Lots of great friends and families there

Pics from changes

Last picture of the rapping group

progreso is alright, Its by a big center that has a ton of restaurants and stuff so its not a small town like songauera..... gunna go to burger king with the new missionaries of my district in a sec.my comp is elder tarqui...he's finishing his mission and is super baggy but he's a good guy.

so yeah things in my new area are going okay, basically starting from scratch although there is a little kid that'll be getting baptized next week i believe.  We did a bunch of contacting this week, basically gunna be the same here, meanwhile back in sonaguera they are going to have 4 baptisms, Glenis and her kids!

No running water, pretty nasty not having water in any of the bathrooms in the entire city, fill a bucket from a faucet and bathe out of that.

I'm just curious to see if ill finish my mission here,  I have this change and 4 left, Ive never lasted more than four, for sure going to be here for three because tarqui is going to finish after the next change so I would at least have 2 with him and one with the next comp to show him the area and then maybe off to another place?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 5, 2016

Pretty good week this week

So just a handful of weeks ago my comp and i were walking in the rain.... pretty bummed out for a few things that had happened.... When suddenly we heard someone coming behind us on a bike. We quickly asked him a simple question as he passed by

When can we come visit you?

He stopped his bike and said, Great question..... when?

We started talking to him under the rain..... it lead to a very interesting conversation.... he was drunk.... has scars all over his face.... proceded to tell me how he doesnt trust noth americans and various other things.... we put a date to go visit him Just to see what the Lord had in store for us.

A lot of you who are reading this may not understand what it is exactly we do as missionaries. With Luis we taught him all we had.... we were just shared with him a mesage about the love God has for him and explained all we could with him.

He is a man who has suffered a lot in his life.... many near death accidents... family issues..... and more than anything a drinking addiction which caused him to loose everything.

We spent a lot of time working with him. Helping him change his life... there were fall backs and it wasnt easy at all for him but he became a true friend of ours.. 

One day when we were pretty down on ourselves for how things were going in our area he told us

Look there are a lot of people that dont care about what you do.... just let them be and dont get down on yourselves.... if you guys hadnt talked to me id probably be drunk and passed out on the street.

This last week he got baptized.... which was pretty awesome being my last week here in sonaguera..... he suprised as as we were planning his baptism for december....

pretty cool how the Lord changes lives.

Im going to El progreso as district leader, I got a call from pres. last night.... basically going to fix the place. I am going to catch a 2 am bus on Wednesday. Pres. is expecting that I flip the area around and get things going there again.

He was near Olanchito before but now will be where the red dot is.  This puts him back in a more dangerous area, but we know our prayers for safety have been and will continue to be answered., 

Friday, December 2, 2016

November 28, 2016

well this week was pretty rough

Like i had said previously we were going to have 5 baptisms. Hermana Glenis and her 3 daughters..... and Luis, the investigator of gold.

We spent sooo much time working with Glenis and her daughters..... had to really work with their dad to get permission too because he was against it for whatever reason. and he is a member.  anyways... the week started off rough and we couldn't find Luis.... sadly after going 2 weeks without drinking he slipped up and wasn't able to get baptized.... luckily we are still working with him and he is still progressing a lot....After focusing so much time on them, we neglected some others and in the end we just  took 2 steps back with very little progress going forward. Its good to see the converts I have now as leaders in our ward and families active again but i just get overly frusterated with the people and the culture here.

lot of painting this week, at a catholic school 

Thanksgiving of chinese food and power utages with our neighboring motor taxi driver

yeah we did go on a hike 

November 21, 2016

Hey guys, whats good..... here are some pictures and stories from this week

Had 2 baptismal services this week..... baptisms in every companionship....

In the picture above is our investigator rufino.... to my left.... And on my right is Eladio and Elder Paul.... pretty cool experience.... Eladio was shot 5 times and as a result has leg and back problems..... but we help him up the
stairs to church every week.

Had 3 guys help him get baptized..... 

Rufino is a guy we have been teaching for a while.... after a little while he stopped progressing and we let him be for a while, but when we came back he realized he needed to take things more seriously and finally got baptized.

Another story

We have one investigator named Luis..... we contacted him in the street as he rode by us on his bike (talk literally to everyone).... He was very drunk..... several scars on his face.... says he doesnt trust gringos..... honestly looked dangerous..... we set a date with him and walked away slightly confused, trying to determine his potential.....

To this day I now see him in a completely different light. I can promise 100 percent that he is going to be a huge leader in Sonaguera. He has had the Book of Mormon for a week and a half now, and has almost finished it, telling us that it is what keeps him from drinking.

He has a baptismal date coming up for saturday....

As a reference from another member we went and visited his mom.... which blew us away even more.

She so happily accepted us and let us in.... basically crying she began to explain to us more about Luis and his life story. More about serveral accidents he had and how he almost died..... 

She told us how she has seen a complete change in him and then began to tell us how she already can tell our church is different..... She hasnt ever gone to our church, or even seen us before but then went on to tell us that she is ready to get baptized in our church. That her, and her husband will do all they can to be with Luis in the church and to always support him.

Amazing how the Lord has given us so much. We are now planning to have Luis baptize his own mother on the 10th of December. Should be an amazing experience to see.

soda and snakes

November 14, 2016

We had a baptism this week 

went well

We have got some really solid people and our district is baptizing every week,  we should have 4 baptisms on Friday as a district we just got permission to start traveling and working in a nearby city called Saba..... there are no missionaries there and no church.... we will start going up there as a district every once in a while to see if we can start something up there.

My agenda

November 7, 2016

Last monday wasnt too crazy..... halloween isnt celebrated here.....
At night we were pretty tired... walking in the rain.... lessons were falling through and so at like 8ish we went contacting..... everyone was asleep and we werent really having much luck

then we saw a house with a light on in front so we went to go talk to them.... They were blazing it up 420 style and drinking but actually let us in and started talking about the church. They are actually workers that are building the new church building down here and had a lot of questions and actually told us that they both want to stop smoking and drinking.... 

As we were talking to them another guy came over... too smoke too i think but he ended up listening really attently to us and answered all our questions.... he said he is actually a member who got baptized in ohio or something like that and has a bit of control on his life..... good lesson

Tuesday we got permission to move apartments..... to the one two rooms over..... basically the same.... just now with air conditioning..... heck yes..... 

Wednsday we spent a lot of time moving and cleaning..... we were out visiting later and we were in a big rush running late for lessons when a little girl starts flagging me down from a tiny little concrete room..... at first i was just going to ignore her... wasnt really sure why she was flagging me down but i decided to go back and talk to her.... sat on the floor of their little block room and met this little family.... a mom.... and her 5 kids.... turned out to be a family of gold.... they came to church with us this week and they really liked it and things look really promising with them.

thursday the bishop is just shutting us out.... doesnt want us in the meetings with the church leaders..... even though our ward mission leader doesnt do his part.... whatever..... long story but im trying to focus on the bueno of the week

on friday we got hit with bad luck..... the people that were in this apartment before us didnt pay the light bill and so they second day in the house the power got cut..... luckily my comp knows how to open the power box and reconnected it.... pretty funny

Saturday and sunday were slow..... comp got malaria 

 I'm on my mission to get a different perspective on life and to help people that don't have the same blessings that i do. Just a time to focus on the needs of other people . I just do what I'm supposed to do.... I don't really think about quitting.