Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October 31, 2016

Got all the halloween goodies.... thanks. It feels weird knowing its halloween again....

Well, changes came and didnt touch our district, 6 more weeks here which is good.  Pretty solid district!  everyone is still here, Elder de la cruz and townsend, lucero and i live in the same apartment.  Elder de la cruz had a baptism this last week.  We have had some struggles with a few investigators.... we had a lot that had baptismal dates and a lot that were coming to church, but a handful have fallen and the numbers have gotten a little low. It gets frustrating sometimes..... and there are days where we are just soooo tired.... like i cant even explain it.... its just so tiring now.... we still have numbers above the average but i just feel so generally exhausted.

I busted out the disney poncho:

It's been raining a bit, and it's been pretty cool here which is nice.... keeps the oven house cooler,  did a good clean of the house today, I didn't take pics but its all nice and organized..... we got a pretty good apartment.

I got a new hobby which ill pick up more as i finish the mission. Basically all the stores here sell used clothes from the usa..... however its all cheap.  Now that I'm used to not caring about cleanliness and stuff we go shirt shopping and go look for sweet button up shirts and they usually just cost like 2 dollars or so.