Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 26, 2017

My homemade foods

Well this week has been very interesting..... lots of ups and downs with our investigators but i will stick with the good news!

After maaaannnyyyy challenges and problems, we have found the solution to get samuel and glenda married and baptized before i go..... which is nothing short of a miracle considering how corrupt and disorganized this country is...... so yeah! Win!

So this week we did more service......
Helped prepare some land for farming....

June 19, 2017

Whats up friends and family.... we are getting close!

Last week we had my last multi zone conference.... and it was pretty awesome

gave me more insight on how to finish these last few weeks strong!

Hope everyone is well!

Things are good..... my relationship with my companion has been just fine. Shame it couldnt be this way from the start.

Working on bettering my relationship with the members. Been getting too frustrated and what my grandpa would call Grumpy with a lot of leaders. After the Multi zone I asked some to forgive me for being pridefull at times.

still struggling with this one couple to get them married. Really sad to see how quickly our plans fell through when we were so quick to get everything done. They really are investigators of gold. I hope to do as much as i can to get them married and baptized even if it wont be in my time. 

Things are good though. Doing my best to stay focused.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 12, 2017

well i have come to the point where all my shoes have holes in them...... even if they have been restitched twice....

But as President Said, ´´Pedal to the metal dover´´  haha 

This week involved a trip to San Pedro once again...... and along the way (after going to McDonalds and making a run in the play place) i got to meet up with Douglas and his wife and he gave us a ride from my old area San Juan back to progreso..... 

Luego, i we had 2 baptisms which was pretty cool. Had our ward conference and we had an awesome turnout of members, and 15 investigators

I also found for the first time in 2 years and icee.....

hence the blue teeth in the first pic

in the final stretch, still trying to get Samuel and Glenda married...... basically this government is a mess, and they have placed numerous problems in the way, when we were at the last step but oh well..... pray for me!

other than that things are still incredibly hot here but im enjoying it!

Monday, June 12, 2017

June 5, 2017

as little time as i may have..... i feel normal.  Like a kid before Christmas, when he realizes santa isn't real .. at peace. 

base model 4 runner

but rare out here

May 29, 2017 

Hey whats up y'all..... 

In my never ending quest (well i guess it ends in 5 weeks hehe) to not have boring pdays, We planned a good ol´ fashion BBQ.

We were a little limited on the resources but i think it all went well..

And here are all the talentless people who couldn't make food for themselves!

And then there is us.....

All in all it went well.... got some good baptisms coming up, and this week we were able to pull out almost all of the wedding papers for Samuel and Glenda!

well on Wednesday we took angel mejia to the clinic just for a check up. And when we got there, we found a new medical brigade of docs from the states..... but these where all mormons... Ex mission pres. and ex senior couple.  Sent angel into the Operation room ASAP and got his other eye fixed free.  The nurse wife lady was like so happy to see us and took a bunch of pics like hugging me almost lol and asked for your email to send em off.  the abuelo now sees a whole lot.
May 22, 2017

Hey everoyne!

So just a quick story for this week..... 

We have been visiting and have become good friends to say the least with a Guy named Angel Mejia, a recent convert..... a very old man who has suffered a lot in his life and has been through several accidents and is handicapped and was without vision.

Due to his condition he has been very dependent on the help of others in just about every aspect. Lives in a small block house given to him..... food is all given to him by the grace of others and so forth.

But man is the guy awesome. So we wanted to help him out.

We have spent the last few weeks doing check ups and visits with him to get ready for surgery to remove a catarac from one of his eyes.....

Thanks to the help of the eye clinic here in progreso (who basically took away most of the costs) and a medical brigade from the states things worked out and he recoverying right now and we are working with him to make a ¨negocio propio¨ (his own business) so he can support himself.

The Doctors got me a pretty sick video of the surgery. And when i say sick, i mean it in everyway possible.... so for those of you who dont like seeing videos of..... idk real operations and stuff like that (idk) ill just send it in a seperate email..... but the video isssss pretty cool

next pday should be fun. Im planning a small little house party thing i guess in my house, Since  my house is big and has a couch.  We a going to get a grill and grill up some meat and pineapples for the entire zone , it should be pretty cool

Anyway for now im really trying to focus on a good small group of investigators that we have right now, Mainly on Samuel and Glenda so they can get married ASAP.   Going to do whatever i need to in order to get all their papers in line
Went and visited them with an Abogada (someone who works with laws and stuff) and she gave us a bunch of ideas and made it a lot easier, so hopefully we can get em married asap. I'm still working hard tyrying to get a lot done before i go