Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 19, 2017

Whats up friends and family.... we are getting close!

Last week we had my last multi zone conference.... and it was pretty awesome

gave me more insight on how to finish these last few weeks strong!

Hope everyone is well!

Things are good..... my relationship with my companion has been just fine. Shame it couldnt be this way from the start.

Working on bettering my relationship with the members. Been getting too frustrated and what my grandpa would call Grumpy with a lot of leaders. After the Multi zone I asked some to forgive me for being pridefull at times.

still struggling with this one couple to get them married. Really sad to see how quickly our plans fell through when we were so quick to get everything done. They really are investigators of gold. I hope to do as much as i can to get them married and baptized even if it wont be in my time. 

Things are good though. Doing my best to stay focused.