Monday, June 12, 2017

May 29, 2017 

Hey whats up y'all..... 

In my never ending quest (well i guess it ends in 5 weeks hehe) to not have boring pdays, We planned a good ol´ fashion BBQ.

We were a little limited on the resources but i think it all went well..

And here are all the talentless people who couldn't make food for themselves!

And then there is us.....

All in all it went well.... got some good baptisms coming up, and this week we were able to pull out almost all of the wedding papers for Samuel and Glenda!

well on Wednesday we took angel mejia to the clinic just for a check up. And when we got there, we found a new medical brigade of docs from the states..... but these where all mormons... Ex mission pres. and ex senior couple.  Sent angel into the Operation room ASAP and got his other eye fixed free.  The nurse wife lady was like so happy to see us and took a bunch of pics like hugging me almost lol and asked for your email to send em off.  the abuelo now sees a whole lot.